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  1. We live near Barin Field and were poking around the area recently. The area immediately north of where the four hangars were located appears to have been the site of development in the past — paved streets, curbs, sidewalks, and remains of concrete foundations.
    Was there Navy housing there during WW2 (Barracks, etc) ? We have tried to find pictures but have been unsuccessful — do you know where pictures might be seen ? We would also be interested to know the extent of any development that might have been there.
    Thanking you in advance –

    Logan MacDowell

    • Regarding the housing at Barin Field, yes for enlisted men there were typical two story open barracks with double bunkerbeds and lockers. These barracks would hold around 200 men. At the time I was there in 1958 there were approximately 1500 men stationed at Barin. It was an Auxilliary Air Station serving the flight training in Pensacola. Thanks for looking and your comment.

    • I happened upon your website searching for written and pictorial history of Barin Field. I noticed, in one of your postings, you were there in 1958. My father and his brother were there in 1958 as well. My father was Tom Hurt and his brothers name is Dwight. Can you direct me to any enlisted rosters, photos of Barin Field and the enlisted personnel for that time period?

      • I have the 1958 Barin Field year book, but can’t find anyone named Hurt. I was one of the last ones at the base and was moving things to Pensacola. Before closing there was about 1500 including civilians working there. If you can’t find a copy of this I would loan you mine. Jim call 906 988 2301


  3. I was there from May 1952 until discharged in April 1953….I was an Aerographers Mate AG 2….Many fatalities they were flying F- 8′s which I think was too much for cadets Trainees from other countries there as well Gulf Shores had one small bar and a few houses on the beach I had good memories of the Field and area I went on to Penn State Univ on Gi Bill and eventually became Sr VP Emery Air Freight Corp.
    Am 81 now …I was at NAS Trinidad and on USS Midway CV 41 during Korean War.

    • Nice to hear from you. I was just an Airman AG Sticker while at Barin, but later in my four year Navy Tour rose to AG2 as well. Thoroughly enjoyed my Navy time and nearly shipped over, but changed my mind at the last minute. I later entered Law Enforcement and became Police Chief. I enjoyed that career as well. Regarding bloody Barin, that name stuck with the base after you left and I watched a young German student crash and burn into the woods just south of the runways. There were numerous other fatal crashes I didn’t witness.
      Thanks for your comments.

  4. I was in the US Marine Corps from 1945-1949. I went on maneuvers out of Cherry Point, NC, in 1948 to Barin Field, Alabama. I was in telephone communications and practiced installing telephone lines on the base. On one practice I was about 35 feet up a pole, stringing line, when the wire that was unwinding from a truck got caught. Instead of coming off the reel it jerked the wire, and a rotten pin holding the insulator broke causing a live wire carrying 480 volts swung into me. When my hand hit the line, my other hand instinctively went to the ground wire and I became a perfect conductor. I managed to unhook my belt, drop the wires and drop to the ground, landing on my back. I remember my vision slowly narrowing as I fell. The impact must have woke me up because I remember seeing my heart beating through my shirt. I conquered my fear by climbing the next pole after I got my breath. I am lucky to be alive but I still am and will be 87 my next birthday.

  5. I was there from 1957 to its closure. I worker in the tire shop. ( where I learned
    to play Hearts )Good times there. Loved liberty in Mobile AL. My first love!

    • I was at Barin during the same time. I’m not sure where the tire shop was located, but I was in the Weather Service, which was part of the Aviation Operations Division. The weather office was on the second floor of the hanger that the control tower was part of. Thanks for your interest.

  6. I was there when the base was decommissioned in 58′ and transferred to Pensacola. At that tune there were around 1500 Naval Personnel. Not sure on the civilians.

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